Want to schedule an exciting demo or martial arts birthday party? Call us at 262-367-8785. We also do classroom visits and other forms of free community education.
LCMA offers a number of training options depending on a student's age and experience level. We have special classes for kids 4-6 years old. Ages 7 and up train in our family classes. Teens and adults may also choose our teen/adult program. Call today to find out which class is right for you: 262-367-8785.
LCMA offers a family friendly training environment. Call to schedule your free "try it" lesson today! 262-367-8785.
Master Ian Jensen is LCMA's chief instructor. Call today to schedule an appointment with Master Jensen: 262-367-8785.

Welcome to Lake Country Martial Arts

Lake Country Martial Arts was established in 2010 and is proud to serve students of all ages and ability levels in the Lake Country Area.  We are a family friendly and community service oriented martial arts school with a focus on discipline, respect, and belt progression based on character development and skill proficiency. LCMA offers family classes for students ages 7 and up, as well as a specialized curriculum for 5-6 year olds.  Teens and adults may also choose to train in our teen/adult program. We are an education driven dojang and will work with each student and family to ensure that students are meeting their goals not only at our school, but also in their academic, social, and professional lives.   We believe in positive, purposeful training based on a solid curriculum and developmentally appropriate goals. We are happy to openly discuss our tuition, graduation requirements, and any other questions prospective or current students may have. Please call us at 262-367-8785 to schedule a free “try it” lesson or tour of the dojang today!   Read More About us

Our Trainers

  • Braden Bauman

    Braden Baumann has been training in martial arts since the age of seven and currently...

  • Master Ian Jensen

    Master Ian Jensen holds a 4th degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do under Grandmaster...

  • Master Allen Lloyd

    Master Allen Lloyd has been training in martial arts since the age of six beginning...

  • Shannon Duval Meade

    Shannon Duval Meade is co-owner of Lake Country Martial Arts has been training in martial...

  • Laura Lemke

    Laura Lemke has been training in martial arts for the past eleven years. She has...

  • Olivia Bohnsack

    Olivia Bohnsack has been training in martial arts since she was nine years old. She...


Our Current Class Schedule